Through dance I've healed intense past traumas, grown stronger, more flexible, and in tune with my body.  Movement can be catalyst to encourage people (esp. black, brown and queer & trans folks) to rethink their body, physical space in world, reimagine and reaffirm the power of bodies that have been marginalized for so long. I seek to create communal healing through intentional movement. I've taken a trauma sensitive yoga training and apply the same methods to my teaching and facilitating.  Reclaim and explore your body, power, sexuality, and liberation with me! I've facilitated at The New Museum, the Brooklyn Museum, BUFU and many other places. I offer:

Workshops & Privates: All workshops have a suggested runtime, but can be shifted to fit your needs.

Finding Our Divine Way With Cosmograms (60 minutes): "A cosmogram is a two-dimensional geometric figure that represents a cosmology, or an understanding of the universe. The practice of cosmography has a deep and widespread human history, as a means of inscribing and encoding memories by drawing connections between people and places through space and time."  Inspired by the Kongolese cosmogram and by Kongolese choreographer, Byb Chanel Bibene, I explore cosmograms as a non-linear and non-hierchial approach to tell individual and collective genesis stories.  I facilitate so that cosmograms can be a blueprint for creating movement.

Master Manifesting (75 minutes):I must admit, I am a master manifester. Through various  writing, visualizing, and moving prompts, we conspire to bring goals into fruition. By seeing in our mind's eye,  declaring it via writing, and physicalizing it through our bodies, we create a holistic and fertile ground, ripe for letting goals and desires grow. 

Safe Sensuality (60 minutes): Sensual: of or relating to the senses or physical sensation; sensory.

For many of us, women, assault survivors or femme identified folks, there's a lack of disconnection from our bodies. And this is with good reason, as often, our bodies are places that have experienced and hold trauma, shame or guilt especially in our pelvic and reproductive area. This class is a floor based dance methodology that combines conditioning, fitness, and sensual exploration. Unlock and access ALL of your senses.

Pole, Floorwork & Choreography & Conditioning Privates (60 or 90 minutes): To begin, we talk about you're dancing to create a personalized plan and goals. From there I can map a plan for each (hour or hour and half) private, including a warm up and cool down.