Aya's a gender variant healer, organizer choreographer, sound manipulator, and pole dancer.  Through their work and organizing, they explore blackness, their southern roots, healing, ritual, and ancestor reverence, magic, gender, sexuality, liberation, invisibility/ hypervisibility and the power in ratchetness, while always upholding twerking.

Making work through an antiracist, and centered on black futures, especially black queer and women futures, they've made #iftheygunnedmedown, a collaborative work with Nicole Shante that addresses the the murder of Sandra Bland, Drop To Drink, with Benjamin Lundberg, which explored the spiritual, political, violent, and restorative reactions to water and the lack thereof during the height of some of our country’s most critical water emergencies, and Baptism: Black & Bald, with Nana Minder, which explored the political, social and societal of black hair and being bald. Late 2017, they worked with Nia Witherspoon, on Dark Girls Chronicles, which is play cycle erected in honor of black and brown cis and trans women that have been victims of state violence.  

Currently, they are working on Drexciya, a show exploring past, present and future environmental racism,  justice,  water and traditional African faith systems, the middle passage, ancestors, magic and healing + honoring the queer dead. It'll be told through pole, aerial, burlesque, contemporary dance, language, projection and ritual that audience immersive. Drexciya isn’t just an alternative universe but is also a breathing prayer for our queer dead, a blueprint for where we going and meditation on where we are now. Below are some of my past work: